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"I'm not telling you it will be easy…
  I'm telling you it will be worth it!"
Mrs. Jewell would be glad to help complete and/or submit or deliver any of these. 
You can schedule a time with Mrs. Jewell to discuss scholarships/college/careers as needed.
Check out websites!  Many other scholarships are out there. 






The Kansas Association of Directors of Plant Facilities


  • Available only to graduating seniors of non-instructional support staff who wish to attend college

  • Must be a resident of Kansas

  • Must graduate from a Kansas high school and plan to attend a Kansas College or technical school

  • Parent/Guardian must be actively employed in K-12 or secondary education institution and engage in a building and grounds, food service or transportation position

Scholarships – KADPF

Margaret Van Horne, Education/Business


  • Senior

  • Transcript

  • Education in Business



Counselor’s Desk


Due in January


  • Varies

Programs - Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation


Due October 31st

Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors



  • Senior

  • Interested in Diesel or Heavy Equipment

  • 2.5 GPA

Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors Scholarship Program | Western Equipment Dealers Association (


Click on “Scholarship Application”

Counselor’s Office


Due April 29

R.E. French Family Educational Foundation


$1,000+ continuing scholarship

  • Senior

  • Application information

  • transcript

  • Photo

  • ACT Score

Scholarship Board

Counselor Office


Due March 1

Kansas Motor Carrier Association Foundation

  • Must be high school graduate or senior

  • Must be attending school full time, 12 hours per semester

  • Applicants (including previous recipients) may apply each qualifying year

  • Must include photo  (2017)




American Legion

  • Varies

February 1st

American Business Women’s Association, Emporia Charter Chapter

  • Resident of Lyon, Chase, Greenwood, Osage, Morris or Coffey County

  • Letter of reference from High School Counselor including GPA or a cope of grade or transcript

  • Biographic Statement including educational background, financial need, and other pertinent information about yourself

American Business Women’s Association Scholarship - Emporia State University


Masonic Lodge

**General, tech college, persons with   disability AND legacy applications

  • Senior or higher at 4 year, KS college

  • Reapply each year

  • COLLEGE students/graduates are eligible


March 31st

Masonic Lodge-Neosho Lodge #27

  • Senior at Southern Coffey County

  • Essay

Scholarship Board

High School Counselor

Emailed to Seniors

Due in April

LHS/Southern Coffey County Alumni

Calvin Christy Memorial

  • Must be a senior at Southern Coffey County High School 

  • Must provide one or more reference letters. Reference letter(s) must be signed, in sealed envelope, and identify your character, citizenship, and service attributes.

  • Must include an official transcript and ACT score


Scholarship Board

High School Counselor

Emailed to Seniors


Due in April


  • Application completed information

  • A high school transcript (must show grade point average)

  • Three letters or recommendation from teachers, principal or guidance counselor

  • A written essay to not less than 250, nor more than 500 words, on “Why I want to go to college.”


Scholarship Board

Income based

Floyd Lewis Foundation

  • Coffey County Resident

  • Senior

  • Must have attended a private or public school in Coffey County for a minimum of the last two years

  • Provide three references with at least one being an educator

Scholarship Board

High School Counselor


Emailed to Seniors


Proud American Scholarship | Floyd Lewis Foundation


Due March

Wolf Creek 

*Bright Star not available at this time


*Employers of Wolf Creek should seek the employee scholarship

  • Minimum of 10 scholarships of $1,000 each to graduating seniors in Coffey County who are pursuing a degree from a four-year, two-year or vocational institution of higher learning.

  • This scholarship fund combines the former Wolf Creek and WildBlue BBQ scholarships into a single fund.

  • Transcript

  • GPA 3.0

  • Two letters of recommendation.

Employee option


Jones Foundation Tuition Voucher Program

  • Must be attending ESU or FHTC

  • Senior

  • Tuition Voucher

Scholarship Board

Tuition Voucher – Jones Foundation (

Emporia State Federal Credit Union and Flint Hills Tech College Scholarship



Attending Emporia State University and have a membership in good standing for at least a year


  • high school or college cumulative 2.75 GPA

  • Student enrolling for the first time or a student who has completed a technical certificate at FHTC and pursuing an Associate of Applied Science Degree

  • post-secondary degree-seeking student enrolling in the fall semester.

  • Completion of FAFSA.

Emporia State Federal Credit Union - Scholarships (


High School


Emails to seniors

Evergy Craft Scholarship

Lineman Scholarship

Wind Energy Scholarship

Electrial Power


Resident of Kansas

  • High School SR

  • Must pursue a degree in electric Power and Distribution in Kansas OR Power plant technology OR Line work

  • Full-time College student

  • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA during degree program

  • If selected, must attend camp, complete a Job Fit Survey, CADI testing, and participate in a personal interview

  • If 18, must be willing to submit to Motor Vehicle Records Check (drug free with no DUI convictions)

craft-application-for-2022.pdf (


Scholarship Opportunities - Evergy


Counselor’s Office


Emailed to seniors



Due March 1

Kansas County Clerks’ and Election Officials’ Association Scholarship


  • Kansas College

  • Major in Political Science, Business or Communications

  • Senior

  • 3.0 GPA

  • Two references

  • Transcript

Scholarships — Kansas County Clerks and Election Officials Association (


Counselor’s Office

Emailed to Seniors


March 31



Heather Arnold Scholarship


  • Plan to enroll in accredited school full-time for at least a year

  • 3.0 GPA

  • Completed a paragraph about connection to Gridley, KS or Heather Arnold

Scholarship Board

Emailed to Seniors


Due to Counselor By March 31

April 1st



  • Senior

  • References

Mediacom World Class Scholars Scholorship Program



Kansas Future Teacher Academy

(Summer camp program)

  • Freshman, Sophomore, Junior

  • Interested in  any area of Education

Kacrao Scholarship 

The Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (KACRAO) 

AMOUNT: $250 (four are awarded – one per school type: four-year public, four-year private, community college, and technical/vocational school - a list of member schools can be found on their web site.)


  • *must be a senior 

  • *must have a seventh-semester cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better 

  • *must have a minimum ACT composite of 22

KACRAO Scholarship


March 15

East-Central Kansas Health Care Foundation Scholarship (Local and State)

  • Senior who attended the HS for two consecutive years

  • 3.0 GPA

  • Essay

  • ACT, SAT and/or Transcript

Scholarships (

Local available from  counselor


Steve Harper Memorial Scholarship


  • Senior that plans for attend Four Year School to study Photography or natural resources Curriculum

Homer Hatch Conservation Scholarship

  • Graduate of Coffey County High School

  • Enrolled in college as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior

  • Must Have a “B” (3.0 on 4.0 scale) cumulative GPA at time of application

  • Declared major in Natural Resource Conservation studies or related fields

Scholarship Board


Counselor’s Office

Coffey County Evangelical Ministerial Association Scholarship


  • Student demonstrating Christian virtues in his/her daily life

  • Recognized by others as demonstrating Christian Character

  • Dependable

  • Takes initiative to be of service

  • Noted for scholastic achievement

  • Consistently involved in a local church

Scholarship Board

Couselor’s Office


April 1

Undersheriff Ken Roney Memorial Scholarship


  • Senior

  • Attending Coffey County High School

  • Enroll as a full-time student with 12 hrs at the time of enrollment

  • Attending accredited 2yr, 4yr college, university or technical college in the state of Kansas

Scholarship Board

April 15

Coffey County Sheriff’s Reserve $250

Deputy Troy A. Rogers Scholarship $500

  • Scholarship (GPA, ACT, COURSE)

  • Citizenship

  • Future Plans

Scholarship Board

Coffey County Livestock Association Scholarship

  • Resident or parent is a resident or attending school in Coffey County

  • Senior

  • Enroll in accredited higher education or vo-tech curriculum

Scholarship Board

Ottawa Co-op Agriculture Scholarship

  • Agriculture degree

  • 2 year or 4 year school

  • Live in county on application

Scholarship Board

Friends of Coffey County Hospital Scholarship

$1,000 per year

  • Enrolled in 12 semester hours

  • Maintain 3.0 GPA

  • Proof of enrollment after 6 weeks attendance

  • Must have attended SCCHS Junior and Senior year

.Scholarship Board



CAREER TECHNICAL WORKFORCE GRANT (formerly the Vocational Education Scholarship)

*up to $1,00

  • Kansas student attending a designated Kansas educational institution

  • Plans to earn a technical certificate or associate of applied science degree in a high cost, high demand, or critical industry field (eligible programs are listed on the application)


Deadline: May 1

Lyon-Coffey Electric Coop---Youth Tour—JUNIORS

(Week camp program)

  • Reside in Lyon-Coffey Electric service territory

  • Win a free youth trip to Washington DC--June each year!!

  • Essay

Blanche E French 

  • Senior

  • In Kansas

Scholarship Board

 April 20

Coffey County Council for Arts

804 Sanders St

Burlington, KS 66839

  • Senior

  • Coffey County

Scholarship Board


Jim Sable Environmental Conservation Education Scholarship


  • Members of a team in the current spring session of a state high school clay target leave

  • High School senior 

  • Interest in a career related to the environment, natural resources, or conservation


May 15

Cadet Law Academy 

  • GPA of C+ or higher

  • Parent Consent   

Scholarship Board

March 31

Newman Auxiliary Scholarship Fund

  • GPA of 3.0

  • Medical field interest       

Scholarship Board

June 14

December 30

Roy G. DeLong Scholarship

  • GPA of 3.0

  • At SCC Jr and SR year

Scholarship Board


Horatio Alger Association

  • Senior

  • Enrolled in 2 years or less in CTE program leading to employment

  • Attend a not-for-profit post-secondary school

  • Demonstrate financial need

  • US citizen


Opens March 15


Western Governors Association High School Art Competition

  • 9-12th grade


Scholarship Board

Kansas Seed Industry Association

  • Senior or college

  • Plan to attend in Kansas

  • Degree in Ag form


Scholarship Board


US JCI Senate Foundation

  • Senior

Acacia Leadership Scholarship

  • Male Freshman

  • KSU

  • excellence in leadership   


Scholarship Board

December 17

Golf Foundation

  • Senior

  • Character, leadership, community service

  • Golf Participation    in high school




Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship

  • 3.3. GPA

  • ACT 24 or higher

  • College for a 4 year degree


Scholarship Board

March 1

Elks National Foundation

  • Children or grandchildren of an ELK member

  • Senior :: Most Valuable Student Competition



December 1


Kansas Financial Scholars Essay Contest

  • Senior planning to attend Kansas college

  • Has to complete a financial class *listed

Scholarship Board

April 1

Coffey County Flight Scholarship

  • Juniors

  • Interest in a career in aviation

  • Grades

  • Financial commitment of $1,110


Scholarship Board


Emporia Community Foundation--What in Outdoors

  • Senior

  • Kansas based

  • Wildlife or nature based curriculum such as journalism

May 1

KLL Memorial Scholarship


  • Lost a parent to cancer

  • Attending a 2-4 year

  • Interest in education, art, environment, math or science

January 10

Jones Foundation

  • Under the age of 21

  • Needs based

  • Tuition Voucher Program   

  • GPA 2.0


Open April 1 due July 15

Kansas Crime Stoppers Association

  • Senior   

Scholarship Board


Kansas Buffalo Association

  • Senior

  • Involved in raising bison or planning career in agriculture

Scholarship Board

October 15

BBB High School Video Contest

  • High School TEAM 

Hugh B O’Brian Youth

  • Youth leadership

  • Summer camp program

  • Apply by December

Bill Spaniel Memorial

  • Interest in Environmental Sciences or a related field;

  • Kansas resident;

  • GPA of 3.0 or greater

  • Relative of a current member of KEHA




Coffey County Evangelical Scholarship

  • Senior

  • Church affiliation

  • Recommendation from pastor 

Scholarship Board

Rove Pest Control


  • Judged primarily on academic achievement.  Financial need may be considered

  • Senior

  • Full-time college bound

  • Special consideration to those pursuing entomology or related

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher

January 31, 2020


*Scholarships are not guaranteed as year-to-year options.

*Other Scholarships may come available not yet listed.   

* Common websites to find general scholarships are 



  • FastWeb


*Most scholarships are printed in a scholarships folder on the 2nd floor of the high school

*Seniors are provided copies of scholarship applications (if printable) in their lockers

*Be sure to check the website of the college you plan to attend for specific college and/or degree scholarships

*Notify the counselor regarding any support needed