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State Assessments

         Here are some links to help you, students, and parents prepare. 
Information will be updated yearly, as information is provided by the State
**MAP/NWEA assessments can be accessed in the classroom and reports
 March 21 to April 25
(Math (3-8, 10), English (3-8, 10), Science (5,8,11)
Examiner’s Manuel --Use this tool to administer tests!                                                                   Interum Guide
Accomodations Manuel—Guidelines for any accomodations for youth                                          Accessability Manual
Parent Guide                                                  Understanding Scores Info Sheet                            Parent Portal Info
Tools and Accomodations                                    Security Fact Sheet-Annual                               Quality Assurance-Annual
Kite Portal --Weblink to utilize Kite                                                                 
Science Standards (2013)                                    ELA Standards (2010)                                        Math Standards (2010
Social Studies Standards (2013)                          Testing technology tools
 Manuels and Instructions:
Assessment Overview                                               Accomodation Manuel                              Examiner's Manuel  
8 Ethical Tests                                                           Kite Educator’s Guide                               KITE Student Manuel 
State testing preparation                                            Interperative Guide                                   Acronyms and Abbreviations 080719.pdf (
Fact Sheet Template (                                 
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