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Elementary School (prek-5)

Have a great School year!!!
Fostering Healthy Social and Emotional Growth for young children
Fosterning Healthy Social and Emotional Growth for young children (#2)
Social and Emotional Milesstones for 0-5years
Social and Emotional Fact Sheet _________________________________________________________________________________________________
laugh5th grade Middle School visit:laugh
5th graders will get to experience ‘middle school life,’ ask current students questions and meet with the middle school staff. 
PARENTS:  students will be at the middle school at the end of the day for the bus and/or pick up!
SOS Inc will be providing some acitivities and lectures to Pre-K-12 students.
  Curricula may include topics relating to a wide variety of social/emotional skills.  I will be sending parent letters out as needed!
Topic examples:  Following Directionsenlightened
Being Assertiveyes
                      heartCaring and Helping
                                                  Fair Ways to Playcool
Let me know if you have questions! Check out the website:
Kids Health, information & Games
This is an outstanding site that provides wonderful information for you and your child on growing up healthy. The site also provides fun, educational games and activities for you and your child.
Parent Center
An on-line resource for parents of kids ages 2-8. Include message boards, up to date parenting news, and helpful articles on every parent topic you could imagine.
Parent Tips
What do children need from adults? Time, love, attention, a sense of belonging, structure, and for the adults to model humane, honest behavior. To help parents in their efforts, This site offers a selection of parenting tips listed . If you find them helpful, you may want to view the award winning materials and Children's Activities pages listed on this site too.
Parent's Place
This Web site - Little Parachutes - is a wonderful resource for choosing children's picture books that address many developmental & emotional issues, as well as life skills your child may be facing.
Who Works in a School? (A Back-to-School Poster Set) | National ...                                                                                                         
Self Esteem in Elementary, Middle, & High School Students | GoGuardian


8th grade students get to go on a high school visit annually to get familiar with high school setting, meet teachers, and get to know the other students!

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